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Most fitness studios cater to the twenty and thirty year old clientele. However, after 40 our bodies change. Often our energy level decreases, old injuries result in more pain and our performance declines. Body fat increases and muscle mass decreases. However this “inevitable aging” is not set in stone. Many of these issues can be reduced or eliminated by working out smart.

Our exercise routines need to address those changes to ensure they are both safe and effective. Following old routines designed for younger bodies that disregard an individual’s past injuries, musculoskeletal imbalances and postural misalignments, can actually cause more harm than good. Our programs are grounded in the most cutting edge research on how we age, evidence based functional assessments and programs designed to adapt and mitigate the functional changes we face and the individual’s health and functional fitness level.

Owner, Megan Callus, is a functional aging and corrective exercise specialist. Her education and training gives her the expertise to help all individuals, including those with injuries, mobility issues and joint pain, so they can re-establish their vitality, health and wellness. Her cutting-edge exercise strategies focus on keeping you active and moving in everyday life. Our core belief is that we can be fit and vibrant at any age but that we need to train properly in order to maintain the highest level of functioning throughout our lives.

Whether your goal is to improve balance, lose weight, increase energy or just feel better, Ignitable Fitness is here to guide and encourage, and help you improve your overall health and wellness.


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