Howie is a great example of what your 90s can look like – in fact when I first met Howie, I was surprised to find out he was older than 70. Howie didn’t look 90 and didn’t fit any stereotype. He wasn’t frail. He didn’t seem “old”, except that he moved slowly and occasionally had a cane with him, but even then it didn’t look like he was struggling at all. He just didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He is tremendously witty, and always quick with a smile. In fact, his sly smile lights up any room he walks into. He has hundreds of friends throughout the community and keeps a very active social calendar.

When I started to work with Howie, he was still playing golf and was swimming regularly. He was able to do this because he had built a tremendous amount of physical reserve when he was younger so that up until his 90s he still had the strength, stamina, and energy to do everything he needed to do independently. But at 90, he was having a harder time getting up from a chair and was struggling with his balance.

We began working together one-on-one. Over the course of six months, we addressed muscle imbalances and in his legs and tightness in his hips while also increasing his lower and upper body strength. Although we worked hard together, each session has been filled with laughter and fun. This past summer, his balance and strength had increased to such an extent that we was able to withstand the NJ waves and swim in the Ocean. It was his first time swimming in the Ocean in 20 years. Howie and I continue working together, with the goal of him swimming, golfing and dominating the social scene at 100.

I have been training with Megan for most of the current year. I am pleased to write about that experience. It is so important when one has decided to have the services of a professional physical trainer that you trust and appreciate the work that she is doing with you. I have complete trust that Megan knows my capabilities and does not push me beyond my physical constraints. She does not believe in the erroneous training adage “No pain, no gain”. During these past few months I clearly have much more confidence in maintaining my balance while walking and climbing stairs. I have a much better feeling of general well-being and though the training session work up a sweat, Megan is such a pleasure to have around that I really look forward to my time with her.


From afar, Caroline looks a bit frail. She’s thin with a kyphotic posture and walks with a slow stride. But Caroline is anything but frail. She’s feisty and stubborn and full of the fun of life. Behind the feistiness is a deep intellect and profound kindness. Caroline loves to be with her family and to travel. Of utmost importance to her, as it is to so many older adults, is her independence which she works fervently and with great dedication to maintain.

Before Caroline and I began working together, her breathing power had waned resulting in her becoming short of breath while climbing stairs or carrying out daily activities. Her balance had also become a significant concern for her.

Caroline and I have only been training for a short while, but in that time, she’s more than impressed me with her enthusiasm and energy. We’ve focused training on increasing her strength, stamina and balance so she can continue to do all the activities she enjoys. Because of her previous athletic history, she has moved quickly into performing lunges, squats and other advanced exercises. Her balance and stamina improved to such a degree that she recently was able to participate in a birding hike along the nature trails at Sandy Hook. For Caroline, our functional training keeps her fully engaged in life and very independent at 90 years young.

“Megan Callus is a personal trainer with whom I have been working for many months. I have found her training extremely beneficial to me as a senior. Megan’s program of balancing and strengthening exercises is varied and sometimes challenging but never too much so. Her knowledge of body mechanics is impressive and her enthusiasm is contagious. After each session, I feel well-exercised and optimistic about the years ahead.”


Tall and elegant, LiliAnn doesn’t look her age. Yet when LiliAnn and I started working together she was exhibiting symptoms of sarcopenia – the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass quality, and strength associated with aging. She was also beginning to struggle with her balance. Balance is not just a problem for the old, but instead tends to start declining in midlife.

Soon after we began working together, LiliAnn’s family gave her riding lessons as a gift for her upcoming 60th birthday. Riding was a passion of LiliAnn’s years ago. Knowing she would need to build up her leg and core strength as well as her balance before getting back on a horse, we began training individually 3 x a week.

I challenged her each session with new balance exercises and a variety of leg strengthening and other functional movements. LiliAnn immediately took to the exercises and trained with great dedication and large doses of contagious humor.

Within a matter of weeks, LiliAnn’s strength and balance improved dramatically. By the time she took her first riding lesson, LiliAnn’s core was strong and she had no problems keeping steady on her horse. Today, she continues to ride and has become the most fit of her life. LiliAnn, who was never an athlete, has become the fittest and strongest of all of my clients.

So how does LiliAnn’s story relate to you? LiliAnn had never thought of herself as athletic and did not have a sports background yet has become exceptionally fit. It’s not where you start that determines your success. It’s your dedication to the task. Also, if you make it a priority to get functionally strong in your fifties and sixties you will be able to enjoy all the activities you love throughout your life.

Don’t miss the chance to exercise with a true knowledgeable professional. I see great improvement in my balance and working hard on improving endurance. Megan is upbeat and skillful.


Megan is amazing! She customized a workout for me, focusing on my individual strengths and weaknesses. She was so professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Ignitable Fitness!

RUTH, 81

Since working with Megan, I’ve regained my strength and confidence in completing daily tasks. She created a program to fit the specific daily challenges I face and changes it as I make progress. She has an amazing ability to cheer me up while making me stronger.


Megan is a fantastic trainer. While she challenges you, she makes sure to listen to your concerns before starting a new session. Increasing your strength and endurance without any injuries is her concern. I look forward to each class and I am not the athlete type. Megan’s sincere personality is truly a plus. I highly recommend you trying her programs.


Aware that at 77 years of age I needed to address the fact that I was losing more than just upper body strength and that my ability to move easily and/or quickly was declining, I signed up for Senior fitness training with Megan.

It is now six months since Megan has been working with me, and I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am. My strength has increased, my balance has improved markedly, and it is FUN to be with Megan! She is kind, gentle and understanding. She encourages us to laugh, and she encourages us to feel good about ourselves. She is careful not to push us beyond our capacity but also insists that we not give up. We all look forward to our classes.